The programs design inculcates the right attitude. It develops the appropriate skills and impart comprehensive and rigorous knowledge for the students to develop into effective managers and change agents in their respective organizations. The course material includes all the latest headings which many multinational companies entail. In fact all the books, which are been provided to the students, are been selected according to the directions of many of the multinational companies.

Course Material

The course material is self explanatory and easy to understand. These provide the students proper knowledge of the subject with sufficient examples and case studies. The customized course material is prepared by Tata Mc Graw hill publication which is reviewed after every 6 months.

This complete package of courseware shall be received by the students within 21 days of payment of the fees. The study materials include full range of syllabus .Student does not need to refer any other material or purchase any from other sources.


The students are assessed based on course work and examination for every program. As soon as the students feel confident that they are ready to appear for the exams they can contact the institute for the question papers, which can be answered at their comfortable places itself.

The candidates are required to submit their answer sheets within the prescribed time limit to the institute by any means.

This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on case studies and personal experience, a format similar to that of students in PhD program. ISBM has designed this liberal and novel education methodology that allows students to make maximum benefits in writing answers of their own choice comfortably.

The panels of experienced professors design the question papers. The questions are designed in such a way that there may be no option for copying the answer for that from any of the reference books. Those answers will require personal skills to understand and analyze a managerial situation.

If the students desire to appear for three hour class room examination, they can do so. The exams will be conducted at various ISBM study centers. In such a case the students will not be allowed to refer the study material in the examination center. The students should intimate the preference for this option at the time of registration.

Education Methodology

The education methodology encourages independent thinking and helps the student in developing holistic perspectives, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill-sets and positive attitudes. These programs have been developed to enable students earn a high quality management qualification. The program allows students to pursue their full-time studies (if any) and working executives to remain in employment or professional practice throughout the duration of study.

Integrated Learning Approach

A unique integrated learning approach was evolved consisting of several distinct stages. These stages are designed to add significant value to the students understanding of the subject in a progressive manner.

Self Study

All students are provided with a comprehensive courseware specially designed for independent study. Students are expected to achieve a reasonable group of subjects through self-study.


Textbooks are specially chosen for independent study by the students. The study package includes self evaluation assignments which help students to evaluate their own academic progress.

Case Based Learning

Case-based learning is an integral part of the program whereby the students familiarize themselves with the situations in Indian and International companies and how they are addressed. The purpose of the case analysis is to provide students an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge to practice.

Web Support

All enrolled students are provided online web support on 24 x 7 basis. The use of web technology will enable the students to have a greater and better reach to the faculty and the administrative staff. Student can send their queries on

Case Study Focus

As the MBA program is uniquely designed to develop management perspective and skills, the case method is integrated as a dominant tool in the education methodology. It is not enough for the student to be equipped with merely the management tool and techniques. To be an effective management professional, the student has to be trained to think and act likes one. Thus, the program has a very strong case study orientation.

Our programs use case studies of reputed Indian and international companies, which help the student understand the complexities in various businesses political, legal and social environment.

MANAGEMENT IS A SKILL NOT A THEORY. A case study is a description of an actual administrative situation involving a decision to be made or a problem to be solved.

The case-study method may be new to you. Experience has shown that case studies bring interesting, real-world situations into the classroom study in various management sectors.

  • 1. Make decision making easier
  • 2. Improve the analytical quality of decisions
  • 3. Reduce the time required to make decisions
  • 4. Increase the frequency of correct decisions

The analysis of case studies may be among the most challenging assignments given to a student. Cases are not just "busy work" given to fill up a student's time. Approached properly, case analysis can be extremely beneficial in preparing you for a career in corporate management by giving you a chance to develop decision-making skills in the classroom so that you will be better prepared to meet the challenges in your job.

Course Benefits

After the completion of courses, candidates are benefited in several ways. Top pioneers in the business open their placement doors for our candidates. You learn skills that are unbeaten in your field. Slowly and steadily you become masters of your field.

With our courses you will be able to:

Corporate Environment: Understand the corporate environment in which a responsible business has to be conducted by a good corporate manager.

Ethics: Empower yourself with the skills of understanding business situations, laws regarding corporate governance and the role of their personal integrity and values.

Management: Equip yourself with the leadership skills and help you to understand group and individual dynamics to work effectively in teams.

Global Vision: Have the global vision of business operations and a high level of responsibilities. This makes the difference with most specialized masters.

Communication: Acquire an enhanced verbal, written and presentation communication skills.

Decision Analysis: Develop problem solving skills which will help you to analyze uncertain situations, utilize facts and draw conclusions out of it.

Strategic Planning: Understand the business as an integrated system, the relations between the functional areas, and long-range planning, implementation and control.