MDP on The Art of Successful Leadership and Management

MDP on The Art of Successful Leadership and Management

If productivity of an industry has to improve, the productivity of the men associated with the industry has to improve. Successful manager needs knowledge of all factors that he has to manage and all that is beyond, which directly or indirectly impinge on his microenvironment. Today, there is an intense need to develop a comprehensive personality capable of blending outer and inner self so as to develop the goals and values of business management.

Real time management lies in appreciating the significance of both the cognitive and the operational area in which tasks are undertaken. It is said: “The job of leadership today is not just to make money, it’s to make meaning.” In the old days, most of people were content to have a job that simply paid the bills. But now, they crave so much more in the work. They want fulfillment, creative challenge, growth, joy and a sense that they are living for something more than themselves.


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